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Our Purpose

Applimade aims to provide SEO services to businesses in Irvine, California or through the nation to grow their business. We enjoy doing search engine optimization because it can positively improve the lives of owners and workers of the businesses we work with. It is our mission to serve the businesses that proudly serve our communities in America.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

With SEO you can help businesses from “struggling to keep the lights on” to “growing and needing to hire more people” it’s a great feeling. To get these results, you must put money into your business. As a business owner did you have high hopes when you opened your business to serve thousands of customers but when you started your business, they did reach you? Where are your customers? How do you find and reach them so that they pick up the phone and call? What do a concrete contractor, property management company, exterior painter, daycare center have in common? They want their phones ringing and people inquiring about their service that leads to these people becoming customers and purchasing their product or service. At Applimade we make it our mission to accomplish this common business goal, to get more customers that lead to sales. Have you tried advertising on Yelp or Angi? Have you bought leads from platforms like Home Advisor or Thumbtack? Have you paid for Facebook Ads or Google Ads? Have you even tried paying for SEO services from international companies that offered affordable prices? Did you recently pay web designers to build beautiful websites, but nothing really changed for your bottom line? You know that you deserve more business with all the hard work you’re putting in. You know you and your family or loved ones were meant to have a beautiful life and a thriving business. In this digital age, if your business does not have an online presence then your business will be hard to find when customers are searching for your service. Even if you have a website if Google does not know about you, you won’t show up in the search results.

Why do I need to show up in the search results?

It’s important to optimize your website for Google because it accounts for more than 90% of searches on the internet across the world. This means that 9 out of 10 people use Google to purchase something online to make a buying decision for a service or a product. Chances are that when you read this you already have a website. Is your website helping you sell your business? Are people able to find you when they search for your services or products? If not, then your website is a lot like an artwork on display at a museum. Your website is publicly available on internet just like beautiful art is on display at the museum but if nobody knows it’s there it’ll be hard for someone to just stumble across it in such a big building with so many items on display. Search engine optimization is like when the museum catalogs the artwork with an app that museum patrons can download on their device, and they can search for the artwork based on some categories that they tagged the artwork with. When you work with Applimade, our SEO services will take care of all the behind the scenes work so that your business can be found by the customers that intend to do business with you. We can help you improve your local online presence, elevate your ranking of your website and increase the volume of phone calls turning callers to customers so that you can focus on what you do best servicing your customers.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Impactful SEO is comprised of keyword research, high-quality content that is both recent and relevant, deliberate link building that converts your online presence into an automatic lead magnet. With our tailored approach you will be investing in an evergreen traffic machine contact us today.

What services do you provide?

We provide keyword research, on page SEO services, competitor backlink analysis, local citations, Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business) setup and optimization, website design and redesign, website development and more.

Why do you need good content?

Since relevant and recent content is a key factor in ranking a website on Google, we focus on crafting content that sets you apart from the competition. Your website is made of content and the content on your website is made of words. Those words need to do a good job of describing your website so that Google knows it is relevant. If you don’t have content being updated or added to your website recently then the content can become stale. We will help you write quality content that explains in depth what your business is, the services you offer and how it can help your customers. We will create pages to highlight the services you provide.

What are citations and why do they matter?

Citations or business listings are made up of your business name, business address and company phone number that is listed across various sites on the internet. When it comes to local SEO your online business listings are play an important role in elevating your company’s ranking on the Google Map Pack which is the three businesses that appears in the map section of local searches. Each listing usually has a button for the business website and button to call the business. It’s an extremely frequented section of the search results page where users’ ether calls the business or visits their website. So, it’s a prime place to be if you’re looking to get more phone calls or visitors to your site.

Does your services include keyword research?

Yes! We offer keyword research as part of our services. Keyword research is an important piece of an SEO solution because it’s the process in which we identify the search terms that people are using to find your site. This is the key to the entire search engine optimization strategy because everything else is implemented on top of this. The purpose of keyword research is as follows

  1. Find the keywords that have commercial intent.
  2. Identify the search volume those keywords have.
  3. Assign the most useful search terms to each page of the site.

For example, if your business was a concrete installation company, commercial keywords would be things like concrete contractor, concrete services, concrete driveway, concrete patio just to name a few. Our comprehensive keyword research would identify all the important keywords that you might not have thought of. To accomplish this, we use tools like Google Ads, SEM Rush and Majestic to determine the keywords and search volumes. We then assign the most suitable keywords to the appropriate page of the site by search volume and how simple it is to rank for that keyword in your target city.

What is included with your onpage SEO services?

We follow the best practices for onpage SEO to make sure your website performance is fast and is showing in the search results for the target keywords that were identified during the keyword research step. We accomplish this by using both technical SEO changes and quality content updates to the website. Technical SEO changes like improving the speed of your website improves the duration of the visitors that come to your site. We optimize the customer conversions on the site by performing quality content updates across the website.

Our onpage SEO Process:

  • Optimize page titles and meta descriptions using the terms we identified during our keyword research.
  • Enhance the content on the page to use keywords that we found in the research.
  • Build internal site links to improve usability of the site and thereby elevating the website’s rankings.
  • Fix issues that may be causing the site to load slow.

What about link building? Do you offer this service?

We do offer link building as part of our services because it’s one of the most important pieces of each of our SEO plans. As part of our research, we figure out who your top competitors are and where they get their links from so that we can get those links for you as well. This is called competitor link acquisition, and it is one of the best ways to build links to your website.

Why does everyone want to rank towards the top of the search results page?

According to the Marketing Land study the top-ranking websites on the search results page gets 31% of all the traffic or 1/3 of the customers will visit their pages. The remaining business websites in the lower section of the search results 1st page (ranked 6th to 10th) will get less than 4% of the traffic when combined. In summary, the 10 sites that make up page 1 of the search results page will get almost 75% of all the traffic, while the business websites on page 2 and beyond will get the leftovers. For example, for a concrete contractor website, if 100 people search for “concrete contractor”, 75 people will go page 1 and only 25 click on to page 2. Suppose those clients are worth $2,000 in customer lifetime value. Then this means that 75 X $2,000 = $150,000 went to all the businesses that showed up on the first page of the search results and only $50,000 went toward the businesses on the second page. Each one of the people that are searching online in this scenario is a potential customer of yours but if only a fraction of those customers searching online visit your website you are missing out on a lot of money!

Why should I pick Applimade for my SEO services?

Thank you for reading up until now. As outlined above we offer the key ingredients for the recipe of SEO success combined with exceptional customer service. We are committed to elevating your business on the search results page so that you can help more customers by providing them with services they need. We serve your online presence needs so you can serve more customers.


We partner with you and we’re going to be with you every step of your online journey! We know it can be challenging to navigate the nuances of the web. We focus on growing your online presence so you can focus on growing your business.

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Client Focused

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We openly and transparently communicate with you. We collaborate with you during the discovery, design, and development stages.



Excellent Support

We offer support after your site is up and running by helping you with your SEO (search engine optimization) since to rank well online it is important that your website performs well and is managed and updated regularly. We can help ensure that your site continues to get updated with relevant and useful content. Ask us today about our content services!

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We have over 10 years of web development experience building web applications in over 9 different industries:

  • Executive and Business Leadership Organization
  • Trade Show Service Provider
  • Radio Parts Store
  • Game Store
  • Office Furniture E-commerce Store
  • Real Estate Search
  • Mortgage
  • Dental Crown Manufacturer
  • Orthodontic Braces Manufacturer
  • Beauty E-commerce Store
  • Real Estate Agent
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Will your business be next? Give us a call today at (949) 682-8889 to see how we can help you with your online presence.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you with your business even if it’s not in any of the industries listed above. 




Don’t just take our word for it! Let’s see what our clients have said about their experience working with us:

Nathan has been a great collaborator for our scrum team, he has made evening deployments a celebration, advanced our engineering lean coffee sessions from knowledge sharing to learning projects, and I know he will continued to guide and deliver innovative solutions that will be felt across the entire organization.

Nella J.

Working with Nathan was really enjoyable, always there to lend a hand, has a great work ethic, and whenever I had a question a nice conversation explaining the reasoning behind always ensued.

Rodrigo P.

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